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On November 26, 2013, Nodejitsu reached out to the npm community for help running the public npm servers. They delivered.

This page is about the crowdfunding drive we ran to help raise funds for improving and continuing to run the npm registry service for node.js. We asked for $200,000 to help with server and labor costs, and in about half the time we had given ourselves for the campaign, we raised over $300,000 for the project. It happened because people like you, and companies like yours, reached out to support the cause. This page is about the people and companies that made it happen.

We raised $256,000 from these awesome companies:

If you’re a node developer, these companies should be at the top of your list for who you might want to work for :). They understand the importance of giving back to community.





...and another +$70,000 from the community

In total npm received 1273 donations from the community. You, the community love npm and npm loves you!

Tiny ($7)
381 donations
Small ($35)
196 donations
Medium ($75)
631 donations
Big ($200)
23 donations
Huge ($500)
18 donations
Bronze ($3,000)
10 donations
Silver ($7,000)
3 donations
Gold ($15,000)
7 donations
Adamantium ($20,000+)
4 donations
$7 $2,667
$35 $6,832
$75 $47,325
$200 $4,600
$500 $9,000
$3000 $30,000
$7000 $21,000
$15000 $105,000
$20000 $100,000

with awesome individuals like these

  • Before npm I had to type in all my dependencies from the back of computer magazines. Thanks npm!

  • npm is not optional anymore, it is required for development in general, not only for node and JavaScript!

  • Npm is great and I use it a lot. Thanks for maintaining it.

  • NPM saved my dog before it was lost to the river! God bless you NPM!

  • NPM has helped me in a lot of ways and it's time for me to return the favor. If it helped you, you should return the favor too!

  • <3

  • Thanks to all involved for stepping up & making this happen. The volume of donations/support is a testament to the technology and community.

  • Node.js without npm is kind of like a JavaScript platform without a package manager or module registry. Is that a good metaphor?

  • NPM is the reason I've written a lot of node modules. So I'd love to share my gratitude.

  • Yay, no more crashy! #scalenpm


In total the community raised

want to find out more?

We’ll post links here with more info about our sponsors’ companies and other relevant information as it becomes available.