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On November 26, 2013, Nodejitsu reached out to the npm community for help running the public npm servers. They delivered.

This page is about the crowdfunding drive we ran to help raise funds for improving and continuing to run the npm registry service for node.js. We asked for $200,000 to help with server and labor costs, and in about half the time we had given ourselves for the campaign, we raised over $300,000 for the project. It happened because people like you, and companies like yours, reached out to support the cause. This page is about the people and companies that made it happen.

We raised $256,000 from these awesome companies:

If you’re a node developer, these companies should be at the top of your list for who you might want to work for :). They understand the importance of giving back to community.





...and another +$70,000 from the community

In total npm received 1273 donations from the community. You, the community love npm and npm loves you!

Tiny ($7)
381 donations
Small ($35)
196 donations
Medium ($75)
631 donations
Big ($200)
23 donations
Huge ($500)
18 donations
Bronze ($3,000)
10 donations
Silver ($7,000)
3 donations
Gold ($15,000)
7 donations
Adamantium ($20,000+)
4 donations
$7 $2,667
$35 $6,832
$75 $47,325
$200 $4,600
$500 $9,000
$3000 $30,000
$7000 $21,000
$15000 $105,000
$20000 $100,000

with awesome individuals like these

  • The NPM registry is integral to the Node experience—and it helps to make other systems too. Need a system for your plugin registry? Use NPM!

  • If you think that it can be done in JavaScript, it's probably already in npm. Thanks for changing the JavaScript world!

  • Thanks for making my life simpler, and awesome stuff like @gruntjs possible!

  • Nodejs would not be the powerhouse it is today without NPM and the npm registry. Keep up the awesome.

  • I use npm every day to install Grunt and it’s plugins. It’s the best package manager. I also have a lot of my own npm packages.

  • Npm is unique piece of software that pushes the whole platform forward. Thank you for your work!

  • The code must flow!

  • Simple and modern. So I like it.

  • Without nodejs and npm, the Jellyvision engineers would probably murder me. Thank you for saving my life.

  • npm is rad. Give it your monies.


In total the community raised

want to find out more?

We’ll post links here with more info about our sponsors’ companies and other relevant information as it becomes available.